US PRIME plus 2 percentage 30 months Grain-fed beef short ribs steak boneless thick cut (400G+-)


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top 2 percentage of all beef produced in the United States

USDA Prime short rib boneless is its exceptional quality and flavor, which is recognized by its USDA Prime grading. This grading is only given to the top 2% of all beef in the United States, indicating that it is of the highest quality and has exceptional marbling, tenderness, and flavor.

The 2% designation is significant because it represents a very small portion of all beef produced in the United States. It means that the beef has met strict standards for quality and consistency in terms of marbling, meat texture, and flavor. The grading process is conducted by trained inspectors who evaluate each cut of beef based on specific criteria, such as the amount and distribution of marbling throughout the meat.

The short rib boneless cut is particularly prized for its versatility and ease of preparation. It can be cooked using various methods, including grilling, braising, and roasting, while still maintaining its tender and juicy texture. The absence of bones in the cut also makes it easier to prepare and serve, as there is no need to carve around bones or deal with bone-in meat.

While the 2% designation is a major selling point for USDA Prime beef, it's important to note that not all cuts of beef within this category are created equal. Within the top 2%, there are varying degrees of quality and marbling, which can affect the overall flavor and texture of the meat. However, with the USDA Prime grading, consumers can be confident that they are purchasing the highest quality beef available in the United States.

In summary, the selling point of USDA Prime short rib boneless is its exceptional quality and flavor, as well as its designation as one of the top 2% of all beef produced in the United States. The 2% designation represents a small portion of all beef, and indicates that the meat has met strict standards for quality, consistency, and flavor.

Meat refrigeration temperature: -18°C or below
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