N.Z Hormone free and grass fed beef tenderloin diced (1KG)


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Healthy & harmless with excellent texture

First of all, Natural Grass-fed Beef Tenderloin is naturally grass-fed. This means the cattle are free to graze on natural grass, rather than being confined and hand-fed in confined spaces. This feeding method makes the meat of these cattle contain more natural nutrients, and does not contain artificial additives such as hormones and antibiotics, making it healthier and safer.

Secondly, the meat quality of this meat is very high quality. The meat is soft and chewy, and the taste is delicious and rich. At the same time, their muscles are more developed, so the meat also has a certain chewiness and springiness, which makes the mouthfeel richer. Roast American Angus top grain-fed beef tenderloin in Korean barbecue, the meat will release a strong aroma of beef, and the surface will show a golden yellow skin after being roasted at high temperature, and the taste will be more crispy, making the taste and texture more delicious. Rich. It will release a strong aroma of beef, and the seasoning and spices used in Korean barbecue will make the aroma more intense, which is very suitable for diners who love beef.

Finally, natural grass-fed beef tenderloin steak also has some subtle flavors, which makes it perfect for cooking with various seasonings and spices to enrich the taste. In addition, the texture of this meat also contains relatively less fat, which is healthier, but at the same time it still maintains the characteristic of juiciness.

Generally speaking, natural grass-fed beef tenderloin is a very high-quality, healthy and natural meat product with high-quality meat, rich taste and healthy characteristics. If you want to taste a healthy and delicious meat, this beef tenderloin is definitely worth a try.

Meat refrigeration temperature: -18°C or below

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